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Amazing mobile experience with unparalleled audio quality.

Get together

Spreed.ME isn't simply video chat – it's better in every way. More powerful, but dramatically more lightweight. With a function richness that seamlessly meets the modern requirements of trainings, business meetings and personal use. With HEVC/H.265 high efficiency video coding technology, Spreed.ME is creating a new generation of remote presence that’s better by any measure.

Instructors will love it

Spreed.ME is built for education. Replace or complement your traditional classroom – no IT knowledge required. Engage learners in a highly interactive, face-to-face environment. Gain from Spreed.ME crystal clear visuo-spatial audio sound and reach a much larger audience than you can on-site. Spreed.ME is the simple answer to online education.

Absolutely secure

Spreed.ME provides true end-to-end perfect-forward-secrecy (PFS) data security with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption. Swiss trust center security with 2048-bit RSA key length certificates provide measures that address both passive and active attacks against confidentiality, integrity and identity. E-mail or phone aren't required. Just create your Spreed Name and start using Spreed.ME.


About Spreed.ME

We completely rethought how to meet, collaborate and train through the Internet. Faster, easier, and more secure. Spreed.ME is redefining conferencing and day-long training and collaboration with refreshingly easy usage and an exceptionally clear sound.

The creators of Spreed.ME combined the convenience and security of modern, cutting-edge technologies to fulfill the most demanding conferencing and online training requirements known today. The result is a straightforward use and a seamless mobile experience with unparalleled multidimensional sound and crisp-sharp video and screen sharing quality.

Spreed.ME is your personal online presence and virtual classroom. It is complete with content library, document sharing and P2P file sharing. Start your presence or training with a blink: simply select the contacts you want to include.

Spreed.ME makes it easy to securely meet, collaborate and train. Anywhere.

About Us

The organization behind Spreed.ME is the software engineering firm STRUKTUR AG. The company’s renowned innovations are the secure online meeting system and service Spreed, the Financial Mathematics suite FPS deployed by well acquainted European banks and insurance companies, and the High-Efficiency Video Coding/H.265 technology libde265 HEVC.

Our experienced team of leaders and passionate engineers have a highly regarded reputation in the field of open source software. With Spreed.ME the team elevates the peer meeting and group conferencing experience to a completely new level: easiest use – just call or invite your contacts, multidimensional sound make you feel your remote presence as natural as being in the same room, training and collaboration featuring crisp-sharp screen sharing and video with 25 or more learners, and last but not least – unparalleled data security leveraging the most advanced encryption technologies known today and renowned Swiss Trust Center integrity.